Wednesday, May 21, 2014

weekend in sydney

Officially it is almost our wedding anniversary. A big one - 25 years in fact. Of course I was a child bride, possibly 12. I know, it is hard to believe. Maybe I was 14. Plus.
Anyway, Brunnel suggested a weekend in Sydney to celebrate, and who is to argue with that suggestion? As young newly-weds we started our honeymoon in Sydney, so it seemed fitting.

I'm not sure that Brunnel was expecting that as soon as he had confirmed the weekend away date, that I would jump online and immediately look up that weekend's classes at The School! Not only did I look them up, seeing only one spot left, I quickly booked myself in. Those of you who know my handwriting will smile (guffaw even) when I tell you that the class was a Calligraphy Class with Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, the 'queen bee of all things written'. (My handwriting is usually a miniscule illegible scrawl. Only I can read it, and even I have trouble at times!) However, Maybelle came with the reputation of being able to teach perfect penmanship to even the most messy of us, I have a love of handwriting and beautifully penned notes and labels, and this was The School and Megan Morton for heavens sake!!
Plus, Maybelle's modern calligraphy philosophy teaches there is beauty in imperfection, and her perfectly imperfect way of thinking is something I completely embrace.

Of course, a weekend in Sydney is also full of opportunity for revisiting favourite shops and eateries. Brunnel has had 25 years of this. I can't imagine why he thought a long weekend away with me now would be any different. Why change the habit of a lifetime! Some snippets for you...

Yes, Bill's still does THE best scrambled eggs, Sibella Court's shop is full of visual inspiration, the florists and flowers set the bar higher and higher, Rachel Castle's pinboard is just like her - pure sunshine (more on that in another post), Mr Wong was worth the two hour wait, Doug Up On Bourke is THE treasure trove of treasure troves, and that's Maybelle's penmanship, not mine! (Obviously.)

Megan Morton described my little old clipboard, which I had taken with me (my class instructions were to take something wooden that you may like to write on), as stylist's porn. Yes, that's the highest praise possible, given that she said it. And we both agreed it should be Maybelle who wrote on it, not me. I just had to figure out what I wanted it to say, and this seemed perfect in the most perfectly imperfect way possible. (More on that later too!) Styled and photographed by the queen of styling herself - Megan, not me! (Obviously.)

Amanda xx

PS I loved the class. The combination of a pen with nib, white ink and black paper brings out the best in my writing. I shall be practicing! Pin It


  1. who would of thought that little rescued clipboard could lead such a distinguished life!! sounds like an amazing trip! x

  2. What fun--looks like the perfect weekend. How long is the trip from Wellington to Sydney? I so want to make a trip to your part of the planet.

  3. Oh looks delicious, makes me want to jump on a plane.
    How about a penmanship class in small acorns, I would be super keen.

  4. Oh sounds like an amazing weekend! Your handwriting comments so resonated with me as I also have a scrawl! I figured there was no hope to improve mine - but now you have me thinking...

  5. That sounds like a Perfectly Perfect trip away. x


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