Tuesday, May 13, 2014

souvenir spoons

There are some things, that if you'd said to me years ago, 'Amanda, I think that you'll collect those one day', I'd have fallen about laughing and scoffing at the mere suggestion. The idea that I could ever appreciate such blatantly kitsch touristy tat as anything other than cheap blatantly kitsch touristy tat, EVER, as ridiculous. So when my mother (of all people I thought she had taste) gave me a souvenir teaspoon commemorating the centenary of my primary school in 1979, it was quite likely ungratefully received and went - well actually I don't know where it went, until I unearthed it from a box a few years ago. No, the passage of time had not made the spoon any more attractive. Who could ever forget that motto, 'Lay Well Thy Foundation'? I didn't need a spoon to remind me. But, the idea that every small town, event, tea room and town hall had its own souvenir teaspoon suddenly intrigued me. Quite quaint & sweet really. Simpler times. I remembered that the highlight of the school holidays would be going with my grandmother to the Farmers tea rooms in Hastings for a pink cream bun. A big outing in the Morris 1100. They probably sold souvenir teaspoons and I was oblivious to them while I focused on the cream bun! (I might suggest an outing like this to my girls next school holidays. Imagine how thrilled they would be.)

Since then I've learnt to appreciate these spoons on a daily basis. No, I don't collect them, not seriously anyway. And no, I definitely, definitely, definitely don't want a 'spoon board' to hang them on. (I'm just saying this because Milly keeps threatening to get me one. I'm fairly sure she is joking, but a teenager's sense of humour can be hard to pick!)
I just pick one or two or three up from the second-hand shops when I see one I like. I have some at the bach and some here at home, and we use them as teaspoons, cream spoons, ice cream spoons, anything spoons. And when one comes to a sticky end, because lets face it, they are still cheap kitsch tat, I know there are a trillion more out there calling my name!

Amanda xx

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  1. Amanda - only you could make the souvenir spoons look cool. You know you are effectively going to up the price of these spoons, as a whole new design trend will emerge based on your blog post. Good one!!! Rx

  2. I love collections like this! I remember the spoon boards :-) but think your spoons look much nicer displayed in the lovely green pot ♥

  3. So pleased to see that I'm not in this on my own! I have mine in a similar wee blue spotted pot with some silver spoons picked up along the way to even out the kitsch'ness!

  4. Haha! My mother collects demitasse cups and thought it would be fun for me to have a silver demitasse spoon collection. I can still feel the disappointment of opening a small Tiffany box on my 18th birthday, expecting the silver bracelet I had been coveting, but instead finding a silver Sagittarius spoon. Ugh. It didn't even have the correct birth month as it was printed with November and I was born in December. I still have the few given to me ...one from a Worlds Fair circa 1900... Found them not long ago and thought "Maybe I should look into getting a few more of these...."

  5. This is hilarious, and spooooky too. I had a conversation with my sister recently, and asked if Mum still had her spoon collection, which the two of us thought hidiously wrong wrong wrong! It turns out they are still all sitting in a jug in a cabinet, in her house. And yes, guess who has now decided she'd quite like them one day.


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