Friday, May 9, 2014

a beach bunting

A little crafternoon fun in the sun. Who doesn't love a little bunting?
Because there is never a time when a bunting is not a good idea, even when, and perhaps especially so, when one is at the beach.

And because this is a spur of the moment bunting, all it requires to make it are spur of the moment materials.

An old magazine, with some beautiful photos. Some string, which in this case is some kind of garden-type-tie-up-kind-of-plastic-string. Scissors, cellotape, and imagination. Buntings don't have to be fancy or fussy or colour co-ordinated. Sometimes the simpler the better. Because they don't have to be permanent either. And because a bunting like this really can fly.

So, a few self-conscious moments down on the beach while I hung it on a tree conveniently washed up by the sea. Just me, some seagulls, and a few fishermen who were definitely thinking 'what the'?

I'm sure they appreciated my efforts really. A bunting means celebration however you look at it.

Amanda xx

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  1. Love it. Make those fisherman wonder....

  2. I hope you left it there got them to enjoy after you had gone :-)

  3. A most festive bunting that is. I love garlands and leave them hanging long after the festivities have ended. My latest obsession is paper lanterns.


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