Monday, December 16, 2013

florabundant moments

My little garden patch is bringing such joy at the moment. Honestly, you'd think I was the world's greatest gardener, and that I had an acreage of space, when nothing (and I mean NOTHING) could be further from the truth, but a few minutes morning and evening fussing about in the dirt is a great way to begin and end the day, especially with all the Christmas excitement at the store in between. Yes, I talk to the plants. Of course it helps. They reward me by growing centimetres every day! The first dahlias are flowering and, as you know by now, that is cause for great jubilation in this house! It is so nice to be able to pick a few blooms. My old jars and bottles are filled with florabundance. (Along with parsley that once again has gone to seed. I'm convinced that's the only reason I grow it.)
Here are a few images I've taken over the last fortnight...

Dahlias, sweetpeas, roses & parsley on the table for the Small Acorns Christmas dinner. 
The tablecloth was a rapidly painted brown paper affair, but it looked pretty!

Peonies, dahlias and parsley.

My favourite pink & white dahlia, mint.... and parsley.

Lacey hydrangeas and parsley for good measure!

That parsley is just the ultimate companion! And, no, I did not grow the peonies. 
They were a lovely gift.

Yet another dahlia, geranium... and parsley.
This (dahlia) love really is tutti frutti if I am to believe the words on that stunning Castle pillowcase in the background.

Talk about fussing in the dirt and my lack of gardening prowess - years ago I visited a garden centre for some much-needed advice. I explained to the helpful man that the soil was really really dry, and what should I add to it so that my plants would grow. In his most scathing and disbelieving voice, he gave me a one-word answer - water - and left me to it. Of course I am dumb, but hopefully not quite that dumb. I was trying to say that the soil needed some kind of nourishment (compost, blood & bone, nitrogen, whatever) but it quite obviously came out wrong! 

So much for a green thumb. One thing I do know - flowers make everything look beautiful.

Amanda xx
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  1. So pretty and such creative displays for them! You have me dreaming of playing in the dirt when our Spring arrives in the States. Thank you for that glimpse of loveliness! xo

  2. Such a chilly grey morning here, this is better than the Solstice for bringing hope of sun and flowers.

    xo J

  3. mmm ...all these spring flowers :-)

  4. They are lovely, and I especially enjoy them as the ground is covered with snow and my driveway is a skating rink. I too am a fussing in the dirt gardener--the rewards are great!

  5. I was looking at all my parsley tonight, (which has gone to seed also) and thinking to myself, 'I should pick some of this'. It looks great in your arrangements.
    And what a silly garden centre man! x

  6. Beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing your spring with us.


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