Monday, December 9, 2013

christmas cards

I think the polite term would be unintentional eavesdropping but often times instore one becomes privy to conversations between groups of customers whether you like it or not. A group of 3 friends came in the other day. One headed straight for our card stands.
"Oh", she exclaimed to her friends, "I love Christmas cards."
"I can't be bothered with them" said her friend in reply.
"Same for me" said the third friend. "I just send an email these days. So much cheaper and easier. One email, all the addresses, send. Merry Christmas."
I could tell the first woman felt as though she had been put in her place. She said no more. I was thinking she should cross those two off her Christmas card list pronto. But the sad thing is that so many people seem to think the same way as her two friends.
When I first had Small Acorns I used to go totally overboard with my Christmas card buying. The buying is always done in April or thereabouts, and then by the time the indents arrived in October and November I would be wondering what on earth I must have been thinking to buy so many cards. But at the end of the season we would have very few left, and my purchasing would be vindicated.
The last year or two, I've realistically faced up to the fact that people are sending less Christmas cards. I do believe that even I may have succumbed to a Christmas email or two or several. The pressures of the season. Everyone is so busy. I have good intentions but then I run out of time. I need to say Merry Christmas. I guiltily write the email, but at least our friends hear from us.
Not this year.

I'm challenging myself to get over the email this year. The cards I buy are so special, and beautiful, and I want to share them. Beautiful cards from Rifle Paper and Caroline Gardner and Elly Oak to name but a few. Even our own lovely Zana, who works instore, has designed some gorgeous cards this Christmas. (That's one of hers in the image above in Small Acorns signature fuchsia pink depicting an Orla Kiely bag on the chair & some vintage glass decorations. So cute!) There is nothing quite like opening the mail box to a beautiful, beautiful card. I'm realistic enough to know that I don't have time to write screeds in each one. That's OK. The point is just to send or deliver it. The sentiments of the season and a truly beautiful card to let someone know you're thinking of them.
Hearteningly, people who love stationery, feel the same way as I do. We may send less cards, but the ones we send are heartfelt and special.
Will you take the snail mail challenge with me?

Amanda x

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  1. I'm in. Some years I do cards some I don't, some to many, some to a special few. This year I'm trying to do a good amount. I love beautiful cards too. I bought a lot of Rifle Cards for my store and was so disappointed when very few sold! I have some left that I'm going to use, and I bought these:
    Love your display!

  2. I am with you on the snail mail! (I love stationery too)...I had the same conversation with friends at a bbq in the weekend....I have made my own this year AND had then printed (which is going to a lot of trouble)...this particular group of friends basically said don't bother sending them I won't!

  3. I love your posts and this one really touched a raw spot, I arrived home to find a beautiful card in my letter box. It really made my day and I decided to make time this year to send out some special ones. So, I'm in!

  4. I too have noticed that less cards get sent and received. I don't do the Christmas newsletter though, sometimes I think it is really a Christmas brag list I receive from people. I do always try to send one to family overseas and a few close friends. Homemade cards are often made too, for very special people. Nothing beats going to the letterbox and getting some Christmas mail.


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