Friday, April 5, 2013

dahlias (again)

Please - no inward groans.
I know, you thought we were done with the dahlias for now.
But happily for me we're not.
Almost, but not quite.
Thanks to my Dad, who has been lovingly looking after things at the beach for us, when we arrived at the bach for Easter, this is what greeted us...
So you can imagine my excitement!
So much for unpacking. I was more intent on flower dis-arranging.
Well, I certainly wouldn't call it 'arranging'! More like 'picking & plonking in the nearest jar'!
Oh that beautiful magenta pink dahlia is just the most perfect pompom-like ball.

Dahlias and mint. And an old jar. My most favourite combination.

And of course, for the five hour journey back to Wellington, I sat all the way carefully nursing a bunch of my precious blooms.

By chance, as I was shifting piles of paper about on my desk yesterday, I came across this quote which I tore from a magazine some time ago.
I can't tell you what wise soul said this, because that bit isn't there, but the part I kept says...

'A flowerless room is a soulless room... but even
one solitary living flower may redeem it'

I couldn't agree more. I've added the quote to my inspiration wall.
Have a lovely weekend.
(Love these short weeks!)
Amanda xx
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  1. I went to our little local florist yesterday to ask about Dahlias. She is going to pick me up some from the market this morning! I wonder what colours they'll be, as gorgeous as yours I hope.

    1. How exciting Kylie! I'm sure they'll be beautiful no matter what the colour. x

  2. Beautiful! And such a treat for me--the snow just melted here...

  3. I adore them Amanda and how lucky am I that one of my readers offered me some from her garden? Nice!
    Have a sweet weekend x

  4. i can NEVER get enough of dahlias so don't stop lady!!! will have to try my hand at growing them this coming year i think.

    FINALLY got my mittens on the living etc featuring your house - love it Amanda, i'm coming to visit when I finally get myself over your way! x

  5. I love these blooms for yours....pure heaven...please don't stop them coming our way. xoxo The colour is amazing. Hugs

  6. I absolutely love dahlias too - especially the non-spiky petalled ones. They are just so symmetrical and stunning. Yours are beautiful - the colours are amazing. Definitely what is needed to cheer up a room, especially when the weather starts to change (like yesterday!!). My father-in-law grows the most pretty peachy coloured dahlias and I am constantly envious. This year I am going to take tips from him and have a go at growing my own.

    Have a lovely week hon.


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