Tuesday, April 2, 2013

an indian summer at the beach

Well in my last post I said I was hoping for an indian summer over the long Easter weekend, and truly, the weather couldn't have been nicer.
Swimming at Easter! It's a long time since I remember the weather being quite so co-operative.
I'm not sure Eva will thank me for this photo if she catches sight of it - little peachy cheek hanging out of the baggy old togs there! These togs have definitely seen better days - there is a reason they now live at the bach for times when a little one forgets her togs, and they are honestly so crusty, I thought they might disintegrate as soon as they were wet.
However, they hung in there, literally - and we all had such a great time.
I know the country is so dry, and that really we are desperate for rain, but to have had such a nice break at the beach at this time of year feels like a wee summer bonus.

Oh, and there was plenty of conviviality (wine) and far too many hot cross buns as well.
Back to reality (and the diet) tomorrow...
Did I tell you that the vet says Bruno has to lose 5kgs? I find it hard to believe too! Poor little dog.
Anyway, Brunnel & I thought that we could join him in solidarity, and also lose 5 kgs.
But after those buns, I just may have gone backwards before I even start!
Hope you had a lovely Easter break!

Amanda xx
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  1. Oh I wish we had been swimming at Easter
    Still warm here - but not that warm!
    We bushwalked and ate...I might join you in the 5kg dismissal!

  2. Poor Bruno, thats a lot of weight for a little dog to loose. We had a lovely Easter here, and a dear little cushion from Acorns found its way home with me. Lovely.

  3. Is Bruno really 5kgs too cuddly? That's a lot for a little guy.
    I need to get fitter too as a few pairs of my jeans are too tight. It's hard when you like the taste of food so much :)


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