Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My girls have become a bit besotted with pompoms.
Suddenly they adorn our school bags, our key chains & our door handles.
In bed, in the car, in front of TV, we're busy making pompoms.
I guess they are quite compulsive, especially in these gorgeous fluoro pops of colour.
And they truly are so easy to make.
My grandmother first taught me how to make pompoms when I was about Eva's age, and Eva, being the queen of tutorials, thought that maybe it would be a good idea to make a tutorial for the blog.
Naturally, she wanted to take charge, model & direct.

So, without further ado...

1. All you need is some cardboard & some wool. From your cardboard, cut two identical donut-shaped circles. Nothing fancy, we used a cereal box for the card, and a cannister lid & an eggcup to draw our circles. Eva's circles are approximately 9cm in diameter.
2. Cut a length of wool that is manageable & tie it around both circles.
3. Wrap the wool around & around the circles, keeping it neat, reasonably close together & the tension about the same.
4. When you come to the end of your length of wool, simply knot another piece on to the end & keep going around. For a multi-coloured pompom, this is how you add in your other colours.
5. Keep wrapping your wool, overlapping your previous layers. The more layers, the thicker & denser the pompom.
Note that Eva's rings are especially colour co-ordinated for the purposes of this tutorial!!

6. Eva wrapped around 3 layers of wool in total around her circles.
7. Now the tricky part. You need a small sharp pair of scissors. With your hand in the middle of the donut, holding the wool tight, carefully part the wool at the outer edge so that you can gently wiggle your scissors in between the cardboard layers & snip the wool strands right on the edge.
8. Gradually snip all the way around, holding the wool tight with your other hand. Don't let go now!
9. Take another long piece of wool to use to tie your pompom. Once you've snipped, or for a big pompom, while you're snipping, gently slip this between the two cardboard layers, and tie it tightly around the middle. Little ones will need a bit of help with this step.
10. With the middle tightly tied & secured, gently wiggle off your cardboard circles & fluff up your pompom into a ball.
And you're done.
As easy as pie.
We're understandably, quite pleased with ourselves!
Thanks Eva, for all your help. Yes, maybe next time we'll think about the video.
Yes, everyone will love your tutorial, and they'll be busy making pompoms in next to no time.
The photos look good. Well, yes, it might have been nice to paint your nails, but they would have got a bit fluffy, & it is a school day tomorrow, so you'd have to take it off again. Your hair looks lovely. The straightener & the rolly brush thing have worked their magic. No, no-one really sees your hair. Yes, I'm putting the tutorial up on the blog tonight.
Of course I'll let you know what they think!

Amanda x
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  1. wow divine.....love making pom poms, we learntat school when I was about 6 or 7, best lesson I never forgot!!

  2. I havn't made a pom pom since I was a child. Perhaps it's time to make one again! Great tutorial. Love the photos!...particularly the last one...and the sparkly rings...

  3. what a delight ! as a child we use to make pom poms for xmas - pure white we such a joy ! Must show my boys ... le xox

  4. Well done Eva, they look gorgeous, as do you :) x

  5. Eva, you lazy minx. When we were little we did enough layers that you couldn't put your finger through the hole any more!!! Brigitte xxx

  6. Pom poms . . . even the name is fun. I loved making them as a child, and Eva yours are very cool.

  7. Great job, Eva! I've never made a pom pom and I think I could do it now.

    Having 3 sons and no daughters, there've been no pom poms in my life for many years--I didn't know what I was missing until now. They are both sweet and whimsical.

  8. Thanks for this,
    mama and Eva!!!
    I've been dying to
    try my hand at poms,
    and now I feel confident
    to go forth and give
    it a go!

    xo Suzanne


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