Thursday, February 7, 2013

one-offs & yabberings

I love Abigail Ahern! If you're not a follower of her blog then I urge you to sign up now.
In her own words, she likes to yabber on all day about bucking the trends, and doing things that go against the supposed rules of interior decorating. I find myself nodding my head, and pretty much agreeing with almost everything she says. I only wish I could have been in Sydney this week to hear her yabber on at Decoration & Design, but alas, it couldn't be justified. I have ordered her new book Decorating With Style for the store, and can't wait until its launch next month. (Yes, lucky Australia has launched it already to coincide with her visit.)

Anyway, often times Abigail's yabberings (love that word) are about individuality when it comes to your interiors.  The idea that you don't need millions of dollars to create a cool interior, but that you do need to think outside the box when it comes to creating a look that is completely unique & individual.

The best & most inviting homes do not look like something out of a catalogue.
Yes, of course, mass-markety things are fine & a part of everyday living, but what can you do to that Freedom shelf or that Big Save sofa to take it to the next level?
It's the little things you put around them or the junk shop finds that sit alongside them that will elevate your space, & turn it into something that is all about you.

A couple of images to sort of illustrate my point.
These are at the bach, where half a shoestring was the decorating budget.
Common-garden bed & side tables.
Old Indian cut-work bedcover. Embroidered rug carted back from Turkey.
Wallpaper drop hung on a branch with pegs. Books & flowers (in an old bottle) of course.
Junk shop finds on the windowsill. All much-loved finds.

 My signs on the wall in the living room.
In its previous life, our bach was a rentable holiday cabin, and these signs advertised it up and down the valley. I rescued them off fences and power poles, and one was only revealed after a flood one year when the flood waters receded.
They tell such a story, to me anyway, and I love them to bits.
All unique & individual.
These are the sort of things that you won't find overnight, and often they'll mysteriously find you, but isn't that the joy of decorating? After all a room is never done!
(And now that I look at that bedroom again, it's a bit too matchy maybe. Time to rethink it!)

Amanda xx
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  1. I love how you've said things will find you...I believe that! My home is a mish mash of things I love and I guess that makes up my style. Your rooms are so colorful and cheery and the signs so cute! Thanks for Abigail's link...I'll go have a peek!


  2. Dear Amanda,
    You are so right about it being the little things that make a house a home. Some houses can have so much money thrown at them and yet they still remain soulless.
    Your home is wonderful and such a reflection of you . XXXX

  3. How lucky you
    are to have that
    sweet place! I
    love love those
    signs as they really
    tell a story, don't
    they? {And you
    know I'm all over
    a good story : ) }

    Going to check out
    her blog, now....

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  4. It's all really about the people in the space eh :) Le xox ps I am adoring those cushions on your bed - double yum!!

  5. I love that someone's house tells a story of their journey, just like your bach, and is always evolving x

    1. Whole heartedly agree Amanda. I went to Abigails Masterclass in Melbourne last October and came away inspired. She is one hip chick, who reminds us all to have a home that reflects us not what a stylist in a furniture catalogue thinks your home should look like. She talks about adding more, more lamps, more cushions, more rugs, more colour, more art.

  6. The rooms are full of personality, not too matchy, but hey, there is much joy in redoing spaces, tweeking here and there, so just enjoy.

  7. Thanks for putting me on to Abigail. I've heard of her of course, and even read her book, but I didn't know she had a blog. I love her yabberings (as you call them) and her easy-going, rule breaking philosophy to decorating (ie there are no rules)
    And btw Amanda, your blog is lovely too.


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