Monday, January 7, 2013

small things

Happy New Year everyone! 
I trust that 2013 is treating you all well so far.
Mine has been fairly idyllic so far.
The Christmas break, a few days back at the store last week, and now, back here at the bach.
The days take on a v-e-r-r-r-y slow rhythm.
My Dad wandered over to our bach this morning to find all four of us in our bed, books and magazines in hand, and it was almost 10am.
C'est la vie!
As always, an internet connection is the only questionable thing out here at the beach.
After years of driving over the hill or standing on the beach, one leg in the air, in an attempt to snaffle those evasive 'bars', this year I have switched to the dark side - Telecom.
And, so far, so good.
In my special outdoor office (see the image above), with a little jiggery pokery, and with my phone held aloft somehow, just sometimes, I can get online.
It's enough to satisfy a little instagram pleasure, check facebook, and as from today, manage a few hours work too.
In an office such as this, how bad can that be?

The bach is its usual casual self.
I have some of my favourite favourite vintage bits and bobs here.
Each year I am tempted to take some of them back to Wellington, and have to work hard to talk myself out of it.
And then, each visit, when I 're-discover' them, I'm always so pleased that they are here.
This bach is for want of a better word, quintessentially 'bach-y', and suits that almost everything in it has had at least one former life!

And OK, can I just skite about my dahlias for half a minute?
Going back to Wellington and work last week was certainly made more bearable by the thought that I could check on my garden, and pick another bucket-load of blooms to bring back to the beach.
It truly isn't an exaggeration to say that after picking flowers for the store, for friends and for neighbours, and the bucket for myself, I couldn't even tell where I had been!
Such joyful little things they are!

So, this is my little lot for now.
Amanda xx

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  1. Gorgeous photos as usual, Happy NY Amanda. Hubby has been driving out to Waipatiki just about every morning to surf and clear the cray pots with his mate (a Waipatiki local). And that swing over the river is a fav with my girls too. Enjoy x

  2. What a wonderful time you have been having Amanda. The photos are stunning and I am trying not to be too envious! Every time I see your dahlias I promise myself to plant more here. Mine are a bit slow this year.
    ps I would get no work done at all at that desk of yours :)

  3. How lucky you are to be there is such a charming bach and how lucky are we you share it with us.

    Enjoy and Happy New Year Amanda.

    xo Janep;[',l

    1. One of kittens sends his regards. See above. :-)

  4. Happy New Year Amanda! Aside a jolly large dose of dahlia envy you're photos are utterly idyllic. A perfect kiwi summer. Enjoy your time at the beach, Best Annie x


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