Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Last week, I was playing along with the lovely 7 vignettes instagram challenge organised by
Jen Bishop from the Interiors Addict blog.
My chippy old table featured as the background in one of my images, and attracted a few comments.
Like almost everything here in the bach, there is a story to be told about the table, so I thought I might share it...

Brunnel and I bought the hotchpotch cabin that was to become our bach around 13 years ago.
To make a long story short, it was an opportunity that we just couldn't pass on. A scenario that was unlikely to ever come our way again, and so we took the plunge.
The budget was tight. Super tight, especially given that buying a bach hadn't been budgeted for at all if you get my drift.
Hence the table.
I found it at the dump. No, not in a dump recycle shop (I don't think there was one) but actually at the dump. Of course we were dropping off, not meant to be picking up. Scavenging it may even have been called. Brunnel's face was its usual picture.
'But it's a door. Why on earth do you want that scungy old thing?'
'Quick! Help me get it in the car. And this chair as well.'

 On one of our working-bee weekends my godmother came to visit.
The door was propped up outside.
She thought it was being removed from the bach. Terrible old thing that it was.
'No', explained my mother, with raised eyebrows. 'It's a fresh arrival.
She's using it as a table.'
Beryl choked, but could see that after brutal disinfecting and a fresh coat of paint, that it could perhaps work as a table. 
I don't think she could see this at all, but being the polite and tactful godmother that she is, Beryl thought better of saying anything more that might require her to take her foot out of her mouth.
'Actually,' I explained, 'I love the chipped old paint, & I'm going to use it just as it is.'
Raised eyebrows all around, Brunnel's included.
I was pregnant with Milly at the time. I'm sure they thought it must just be the hormones.

Obviously the hormones are still an issue.
I'm not even sure that the term 'upcycled' had even been coined back then, but unwittingly, I had embraced it.
The table stayed. The most perfectly imperfect shade of chipped turquoise blue paint there ever was.
In my hormonally-challenged point of view anyway!

Amanda xx

(P.S I'm so pleased to learn that Jen's 7 vignettes instagram challenge is going to become a regular event. Follow the #7vignettes on instagram to join in and check Jen's blog for the dates & rules.)
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  1. It's gorgeous and look so wonderful with your other bits and pieces Anita, but I would expect no less from you. You make everything look wonderful!
    I really enjoyed the 7vignettes as well :)

  2. Those same hormones you have are swimming valiantly around Blogtopia, Amanda. We all covet that fine table with its lovely remnants of turquoise.

  3. Lovely table. Perfect with your flowers and art in that vignette.

    What is a bach?

    1. Strange kiwi term that it is Chania! A bach is a holiday cottage.

  4. It's the kind of thing that money just can't buy! Get it in the car Brunnel!!!!

  5. Great story! The table is gorgeous--and I love everything on and around it; such a beautiful scene.

  6. Brilliam story, but my love would have to be that gorgeous painting!

  7. Surely by now the doubters are realising you have a gift for finding the beauty in the simplest of things. What a lovely picture it makes.

  8. I love the table. You've got a great gift for upcycling!!

  9. Just one more green eyed follower who wants that table.

    xo jane

  10. I too have an old wooden door as a table top - however as mine is used as my sewing/craft table - my dear husband has sanded it back to the original beautiful rimu underneath layers of mustard, pink, cream and green paint. It still has little patches of ingrained paint and a beautiful old brass keyhole in it.

    Also the word "bach" is thought to be short for bachelor when originally single men lived in these old cottages.

    Have a great weekend

  11. I am so in love with that table of yours...pure joy and those stools make me smile as well. Perfect colours.
    Thank you for your encouraging comment about my book...you are so so sweet. xoxo


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