Thursday, January 24, 2013

hello...and a house tour

The end of the golden weather.
Suddenly I completely understand that saying.
I'm back home, which is lovely in a 'coming home' kind of way, but ever so difficult in every other respect. 
Other than Brunnel, who was getting a little tetchy, and ready for the real world, I think the rest of us could have stayed at the beach for a little longer, heads firmly buried in the sand.
Milly was a little tearful as she said goodbye to all her beach friends. Eva cried as we arrived back in Wellington as the realisation hit her that she won't be seeing her cousin and bestie Emma for 'sob' 'sob' 'at least 2 months' 'sob'. Bruno is obviously depressed - lying around and looking miserable.
I've swapped my beach whale impersonation for that of a sausage impersonation. That's because every item of clothing I put on makes me look like a sausage tied in the middle.
Lovely! I knew you'd like that little mental picture. And... it's raining.
I've been busying myself with my website. It's an ease myself back in to work gently diversion, although the more I do, the more I realise there is to do.
And I'm sure there is a conspiracy theory. Styling my bedroom for this linen bedlinen photo shoot, and I discover that my camera charger is still on holiday at the beach.
It is literally a one-shot wonder! (Fortunate then, that linen is so forgiving, and so beautiful.
I can honestly say that once you've experienced the pleasure of sleeping in soft, inviting linen, nothing else will feel quite the same. Bliss! And, no ironing. That alone speaks volumes to me!)
Also conspiring against me is the internet, or lack of it. 
I'm still working via my hotspot connection, and frankly, it wasn't nearly so tedious in my beachy outdoor office.
So, Telecom, you need to get back here pronto. Please :)
Anyway, I just wanted to put in a little plug for a really good cause, and of course, an amazing day out. The NZ House & Garden Tour, in support of the Cancer Society of New Zealand, and Look Good Feel Better, is on in Wellington on Friday March 1st, and this year, my home is included.
All the details on how to buy tickets are here.
I have a month to persuade my girls to tidy their rooms.
See that plastic bag of rubbish just peeping into the photo?
That will be gone. You will not trip over it in the hall. And I'm working hard to make sure there is a dahlia or two left in the garden. Do not open the linen cupboard or the wardrobes or the fridge. Everything will fall out on top of you. Otherwise, it's open season. (And I hope not open slather!)
I am a little nervous. But the Cancer Society makes it all worthwhile. So, buy your tickets! 
Come & see for yourself.

OK, enough of this difficult internet. Bruno is now snoring beside me. 
Time to cheer him up with a walk.
Amanda xx
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  1. eee Your house looks fab but you still must be nervous!! I would be x

  2. Oh my how I would love to take a tour of your home! Oh well, I will do it when I get myself into WOW again :)
    Lovely shots xx

  3. That bedlinen looks so delicious. It's always hard coming back from holiday and back to reality. It was lovely to see your gorgeous home in the latest House & Garden - not so bad to come back to! x

  4. I'm getting a little irritable what with all the house tours I won't be on and the magazines I can't find....

    You live too far away.

    xo jane

  5. Oh I would love to house tour! YOur home especially...happy dance. xoxoxo Just finished a wall of chalkboard in my laundry I want to lay out a calendar like yours. xoxo
    Thank you for your sweet comment you left me about my are such an encourager! happy weekend.

  6. oh how lovely - wish I was there :) I have just resubscribed to NZ HG after a wee break - might see you in print too ? Enjoy the experience Le xox

  7. love the blackboard wall, what a great idea !



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