Friday, January 11, 2013

happy weekend!

Doesn't the week always fly when you're on holiday?
And we've had such gorgeous weather as well, which just makes things doubly good.
Although I promise I have done a little work in my makeshift office, I've also managed plenty of time off as well!
The sea has been so enticing, and the temperature hot hot hot.
Today Milly and I played tennis with a tree, 3 ducks and 17 cute & fluffy newly born ducklings.
It made for an interesting game. The ducks have right of way on the court, and as soon as I start to run, it seems the tree is there.
This weekend I hope to spend a little time here on this outdoor sofa, in the shade of the olive trees, with my book. I'm engrossed in Grace Coddington's memoir, Grace, but I have to race Milly to get my hands on it. I've taught Eva how to make coffee using our machine, and she's proving to be quite a good little barista.
(Yes, we bring the machine all the way from Wellington with us. Needs must I'm afraid.)
So, book, good coffee, lazy sofa. Occasional beached whale impression as I stagger to the sea.
I hope your weekend is just as lovely!

Amanda xx
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  1. Your weekend ahead sounds glorious - enjoy!! x

  2. It all sounds so wonderful! I must get my mits on the Grace book, I am hearing very good things about it.

  3. I should make reading books a NY resolution again. I tried it once before but only managed 5 books for the year! Your holiday sounds fabulous x

  4. happy days indeed :) back to reality soon enough!

  5. I also travel with my Nespresso machine. Laughed at by my family who thought I was the only one who did such a thing, only to see on the Nespresso website that you can actually buy a carrying case for it. It's a good skill to teach your children...making the perfect coffee.

  6. I always bring my coffee 'kit' with me on vacay. Everything is possible after a good cup of morning Jo. Sounds like a perfect getaway.

  7. I know this has nothing to do with what is written in your post BUT that Rhubarb pillow is epic x

  8. Oh your week sounds lovely. All the more lovely seeing as though I am reading about it from the middle of an Irish winter!

  9. i just bought grace yesterday, cant wait to start! hope you had a lovely xmas/nye darl, and enjoy the rest of your break! xx

  10. I envy your green grass despite being hot it is so hard to keep a lawn green as it hasn't rained properly in a while and is really hot, hot, hot!

  11. It sounds like heaven, I wont bother with a weather update from Welly..xx


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