Friday, January 18, 2013

dreaming & scheming

Don't you find January the perfect time to think aloud?
Dreams & schemes take shape.
My notebook gets filled with ideas for Small Acorns, many of which may go no further than a scribble on the page, but some just might take shape, one never knows.
The to-do list seems long, but given a little time (and organisation) not daunting.
Not yet anyway. My store, Small Acorns will be 20 years old this June.
I find that so hard to believe!

Last few days at the beach and bach.
I'll be making the most of them.
Tomorrow is the Waipatiki tennis tournament.
Yes, the court with the tree & the ducklings.
Melbourne it isn't, but it will be so much fun.
I feel sorry for my partner. But if we're drawn up against Brunnel & his young-gun partner then the adrenaline should kick in, and we might be okay!
I'll let you know next week.

I found a little bird on this windowsill today. He'd flown through the open doors making for the trees on the other side. All was well once I opened the louvres. Not even a skittle knocked over.
Have a lovely weekend.

Amanda xx

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  1. I adore your skittles! Have a great weekend too Amanda :-)

  2. Congratulations on 20 years--that's fabulous!


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