Tuesday, December 4, 2012

dear santa...

I have been a little remiss.
Eva gave me her letter to Santa to post, and I confess, it hasn't yet made it in to the post box.
I have promised her I will post it today.
Don't worry - I didn't steam it open. 
She did - when she realised that she did, after all, want the real hair extensions, and not, as originally asked for, the plastic ones.
I am only grateful that Santa is a man of many talents and he will of course know where to find real hair extensions that are 45 cm long, and that match Eva's hair colour, because I wouldn't have a clue where to start.
Thankfully Eva did realise that in the letter she hadn't told Santa her hair colour, so there is a P.S on the outside of the envelope.
'P.S My hair is dirty blonde'.
But you can't write that Eva, I said. Santa will think your hair is just plain old dirty, as in not clean.
'Don't be silly Mummy - dirty blonde is a hair colour. Even Father Christmas knows that.'
She proceeded to find me one of her favourite You Tube videos where they did in fact talk about 'dirty blonde hair'. I am unconvinced.
But You Tube domination in hair tutorials is, in fact, Eva's dream.
The fact that, having just turned 9, she is still light years away from being remotely allowed a You Tube account doesn't phase her.
She has been recording a few tutorials of her own anyway.

A little sign of things to come - she made story boards for the first video. 
Just in case she lost her way mid-take.
That was never going to happen. Big Fizz Bomb Pop was able to wing it quite nicely.
Remember that name in years to come!!

Meanwhile Santa, we're in your hands.

Amanda xx

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  1. This is so adorable! I need those extensions too...and I think I fit the dirty blonde hair colour. xoxo Santa knows all!

  2. Priceless :D You will have your work cut out for you in a few years, if she wants hair extensions at 9! So cute x

  3. Amanda, this is one of these post I will remember, too cute! I feel what you have to deal with, mine is 15 but the hair thing/you tube video's about hair, it started too years before. I think she is a trooper and knows what she wants, storyboards and all, cool!
    Enjoy the week!

  4. Wait, I mean : it started years before...
    (Also, nr 2 is starting with hair styles too, she is only 5...)
    Maureen x

  5. Oh my, that's so funny! Another one for the 21st party :)

  6. Well dirty blonde is better than mouse brown I suppose!! Look forward to Big Fizz Bomb Pop's tutorials in the future! x

  7. May I have Big Fizz Bomb Pop's autograph before she is out of my league?

  8. I love the seriousness and all the colors of her letter. I have no daughters so it's always fun to get a peek into the world of girls!

  9. OMG this is mind boggling to me, when my daughter was 9, which of course was many moons ago, scrunchies and hairbands were about as exciting as it got with hairdressing, and maybe for a special occasion Mummy let her use the 'crimping' tool. Aaargh!

  10. Oh Boy, Oh Boy! What a doozey of a request...I'm glad I'm not her Santa! All the best Mum!

  11. Crikey, and there I was thinking that the boys' request for a Wii U (which just happens to be sold out in all of North America) was a tricky thing.... Poor old Santa - I can just see him reading Eva's letter and scratching his head as he mutters "hair what'sits?"....

  12. Dear Amanda,
    Before I comment on your post I must apologise for not being around lately ...... ever since I got this new computer I seem to have lost the commenting routine !! I shall do better in 2013 and I hadn't forgotten about you. It has just taken me ages to get my head around this MacBook Pro !! Its my age !
    Right back to the plot. I cannot get over how much your daughter knows about hair extensions !! but, don't worry......Father Christmas knows EVERYTHING and will sort out the exact ones for her !
    We have woken up to a light dusting of snow so, I'm twirling and clapping my hands as everywhere looks sparkly and so Christmassy.
    Lots of love and enjoy your Christmas preparations. XXXX

  13. Lol, that's priceless. Chloe got some feathers put in her hair not too long ago. Big long orange and purple feathers clipped to her real hair with little metal clips. Don't tell Eva! :)

  14. Oh that is just brilliant. The youtube name is priceless!! You have a live one there Amanada. My son is 9 too and it is such a lovely age (mind you my eldest is 13 so most other ages appear lovely!!) Goodluck and remember post that letter! Sinead


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