Saturday, December 1, 2012

creative space

Did I tell you that my lovely husband has kicked me out of my office?
Yes, my life has been unceremoniously dumped into 3 large cardboard boxes.
And he has moved in.
To be fair, he did offer to share.
As in, I could share my office with him.
Those that know us would immediately understand that this could never work.
He'd be untidying my beautifully styled space.
All those treasures that I move 10 millimetres to the left would be shoved 20 centimetres to the right.
The cupboard doors would be left open. The rubbish bin would be overflowing.
And one trillion books on sales would be competing with, & taking over, my one million interiors magazines.
We'd be divorced in 5 minutes.
Better I just take my cardboard box life, and move home.
Brunnel has new friends he is now sharing the space with.
Aside from the fact that they 'understand each other' ie they talk digital media & social media & all these things about which I know zilch, these new friends actually pay their rent.
Apparently I never did.
So, I'm now staking my claim on the study at home.
Slowly, but surely, it's looking & feeling more like me.
The inspiration wall grows daily.
In fact, I will even admit that it has felt great to re-do it in a new space, in a different way, and with all sorts of new things to put on it.
I don't know about you, but whenever I'm out and about I love to collect things from places & spaces which inspire me - great restaurants, great retailers, photos, cards, tags, notes.
These are all on the wall.

 Who knows what might take shape in my new space!
So far, there is only one minor problem.
She is sitting alongside me - watching her you tube tutorials on hair curling and hair extensions.
And THAT is another whole story in itself.

Have a great weekend!
Amanda xx

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  1. I love the look of your space from what I can see, I should be watching those tutorials, my hair could use some help!I'm a gatherer as well, bit and pieces from everywhere,

  2. Sharing any space with hubby, let alone a workspace, is fraught with difficulties when Mrs Tidy competes with Mr Untidy. So much nicer to create a lovely new workspace all for yourself.

  3. Its always interesting re-doing a space so I guess thats a plus and it's looking great so far.
    I would love an office or study. I have a desk in the kitchen and sewing machine in my bedroom. Luckily the machine is a bit vintage, so I can pretend it's there for decoration! x

  4. oh your mood board looks lovely
    we try and share our little cupboard of an office space at home...its fraught!...and very messy

  5. difficult! Husbands & workspace. In my case it is my fault, I am very untidy and I have a lot of decoration magazines and garden books around our flat :(

  6. I'm loving your little space! I'm hoping to tackle mine during the school holidays too. I've just discovered your lovely blog through the Good Mail Club! I'll be writing you soon...

    Sophie xo


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