Monday, November 19, 2012

old friends

My goodness, it's been a while.
No exciting excuses I'm afraid.
Just time. Or the lack of it!
My Mum likes to tell me that I'm not the only one who has a busy life.
I know... but perhaps I am the most disorganised!
Anyway, a week or so ago, my Mum, my fairy godmother Shirl, old family friend Barbara, & I spent a fabulous couple of days nosing around a number of stunning Hawkes Bay homes & gardens on the charity Holly Hospice trail. 
I've decided that I am basically a nosey person at heart.
I could pretend that keen observation & the opportunity to pick up a styling trick or two were my prime motivation, but the truth is, I do so love to get inside a beautiful home.
I love seeing those little touches that speak about the people who live there.
What do they collect? What do they like? Who are they?
What does their home reveal about them?
It's a guessing game, and listening to others play the same game is half the fun.
You see, just your plain old nosey parker at heart!
Think about it. What does your home say about you?

What does my home say about me? 
Some kind of hoarder and collector of junk with an OTT predilection for asian dolls & preserving jars, and yet there is not a lot of evidence of any actual preserving.
 Someone who likes chippy old things, and shiny new things.
Someone not afraid of colour or pattern, and likes to mix both together.
Someone who likes things which tell a story.
I often wonder about the story behind these two old friends.
Their silk clothes are almost threadbare, and ever so delicate. 
They've been almost everywhere with me since my school days (and that's obviously a while ago now.)
My sixteen year old self named them Sue Li & Wong Bing (!!)

So the houses on the trail that I found the most exciting, were the ones that told the best stories.
Even if the style wasn't quite me, they had personality, and that was the most important thing.
Amanda xx
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  1. Yes, I love a home with personality. I am nosey too and my pet hate is a home that looks like a display home, with everything matching and new.
    I had a lovely neighbour once, who moved home a couple of times and each time gave all her old furniture to charity and bought new things for the new house. As much as I loved her, I absolutely hated her decor, no character or stories behind anything. It was tragic! x

  2. Visiting someones blog is like that's a little of their lives, their style, their opinion and point of view..a little of their home, their family and their stuff. I love going around the world and visiting..I have an insatiable curiousity about other lives and the way they're lived.

  3. I can't say it any better that Carol.

    But I may add I'm crazy about your dolls.

    And that rose.

    xo Jane

  4. Wong Bing!?!? I'm dying of laughter :)

  5. Wong Bing! aaaaaaah velly good.

  6. I love to give everyone a good laugh! Sixteen and culturally so aware - obviously!

  7. Yep, I'm a stickey beak too and I love checking out other people's homes. We have a quirky history officer at work who lives in a big old home in a small Tassie town, with a bunch of unwanted animals and his ex-boyfriend. I told him the other day that I will bake him some biscuits and am dropping by for a visit! I know it will be the most fascinating place! I know, I'm terrible :)
    I just love the names of your dolls! Hilarious :)

  8. The dolls are wonderful--they have so much character. Love the clothes too.

  9. My Mum and aunty went on the same Holly Hospice Trail, but, sadly, I couldn't make it. The first thing Mum said was... "oh, you would've loved it Vic!" I'm definitely going to make it to the next one. A home with soul is what gets me excited. x

  10. Well done Amanda for having one of the most interesting, original, humouress and heartfelt blogs! I have been so disappointed with my bloglist lately. So many are showing the same things, and I flick through all the repeats, amazed that the contributors dont at least inject something of their own. Comments, comparisons, whatever, to put a personal slant on the reporting and make different from all the others.

  11. Love those cute dolls. Hmm if it is to say my flat describes what I am, it would be pop of colors. Love to see colorful items outshine those boring palettes I chose. :) Got my eye on your next posts.


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