Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fa la la la la...

Is it just me... or is Christmas suddenly upon us?
Even though I start buying for the store in March for some of our indented ranges, I am the first to admit that this year, I still feel that I am behind the 8-ball.
And although I am never one to dress the store for Christmas before mid-November, I am possibly a little later than I would like to be. I like to do a complete change about, so that suddenly everything sparkles in quite a different way for our regular visitors.
I thought you might like a little peak at some of the store displays.

Yes, 24 little (actually, not so little) advent houses grace the front window.
It seemed like such a great idea at the time.
Until Harriet & I were probably only seven or eight houses in, and I realised I possibly didn't have quite the same sized merchandising team as anthropologie. Just the same ambition!
We persevered!
A little bit of sparkle always goes a long way.
In this case, some beautiful vintage glass decorations, a washi tape bunting, some ivy-wrapped branches & an old bottle.
Starting to feel the pressure, it was a case of utilising whatever was on hand, and it became a bit of a 'voila' moment!
A stack of old drawers & crates in our other front window, hopefully inspires a few gift ideas.

And now there is the rest of the store to pretty up.
By Christmas Eve I should be getting there!

Amanda xx
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  1. It all looks so beautiful Amanda! I adore it. It must be such a feast for the eyes for passers by, though I doubt many people pass by without dropping in for a treat.
    I've been watching all the hoohaa on tv for the Hobbit premiere. Looks like a fun time to be in Welly xx

  2. It looks gorgeous Amanda. I love the crates and your little advent houses.
    I had to laugh at your comment about not having Anthro's merchandising team. I don't even have a shop to decorate for Christmas, but I look at all my bits and pieces and think "is this just going to be a total disaster?".......we'll see! x

  3. Oh Amanda this looks so very gorgeous! So bright, summery and happy - so very Christmassy. The little houses are an inspiration, but I can imagine the sore fingers involved in the production. Ouch. But thoroughly worth the effort! xx

  4. Oh dont you LOVE the whole Christmas decorating thing! The store looks so lovely, and full of tempting treats. I adore the vintage baubles, and the darling advent houses. Great use of your drawers too. I'll be down to check it out as soon as I throw my crutches away.

  5. The place looks beautiful - those rich, textured layers of lifestyle would draw me inside in a shot if I weren't alas so far away.

  6. it is a really nice one!I would like to be your customer!

  7. I could spend quite a while browsing there..and I'd take home that leafy mug for sure!

  8. It all looks so pretty and festive.

  9. I wish I were a regular customer.

    it seems to odd to see such summer colors at Christmas, when we're all about the red and green and gold and silver.

    I love it. Your displays are so enticing.

    xo Jane

  10. Great job, it looks like the gifty equivelent of those cosy festive bookstores you always see in american christmas movies! It looks so inviting and im betting it smells as good. If only you were in christchurch, you wouldnt get me out the place! X

  11. Congrats, it looks fantastic. Makes me want to start decorating our place for Christmas. But I've got a 10th birthday party first. x

  12. I love the pink and white advent houses, vintage ornaments, and washi tape bunting. Your store and windows look fabulous, as always! Thank you for the inspiration. Happy holidays!

  13. It all looks so lovely and enticing! We land in Welly on the 24th (just in time for Christmas :) fingers crossed I can convince R and the boys to make a quick stop at your store before we head north...


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