Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Is it serendipitous that at precisely the same time I treat myself to a copy of Sibella Court's lovely new book 'Bowerbird', which is all about creating beautiful interiors with the things that you collect, I am foraging on the weekend & come across an old box filled with the most amazing assortment of threads on old wooden spools?
I think so.

I love wooden cotton reels.
A simple, humble little object that is both tactile & colourful.
A collection that reminds me of learning to sew with my mother and grandmother.
(My grandmother, always a practical sort, would think it quite incredible that this ever-so-ordinary object was even remotely collectable.)
Many a junk shop expedition is rewarded with the discovery of a little wooden cotton reel amongst the plastic & the cardboard.
My new old spools have a mixture of threads on them, cotton, linen and some type of metallic thread.
And they're much bigger than the average cotton reel.
Quite quite lovely.

Serendipity, fate, chance.
Call it what you will, but I knew that old box was coming home with me, dust, dirt, 
rubbish... reels and all.

Amanda x
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  1. they are exceedingly lovely, and the colours often have such whimsical names. i can't resist them either x

  2. I often think the
    same thing when
    I'm antiquing/junking...
    How funny the past
    owners would think
    it was that their humble
    belongings were now
    considered collectible.
    These are really, really
    lovely, Amanda and YES,
    meant just for you : )

    Happy Wednesday,
    xo Suzanne

  3. Looking forward to seeing them in future posts.

    xo jane

  4. I once found an old french cloth covered chocolate box filled with threads wound around pieces of newspaper from Lyon during world war 2. There were silk threads on wood spools, tiny needles, ancient snaps. It was in a little thrift shop in San Diego. My favorite thrift shop find of all time.

  5. They are lovely; I'm sure you'll find a great way to display them.

  6. Such a lovely find! I am sad now at all the wooden cotton reels that were thrown out at our house over the years, my mum was a great sewer and I shudder to think of how many just got tossed out when used. Now they are little treasures..who would have known then that one day they'd no longer be made that way and would be plastic instead.

  7. Completely agree, so simple yet so beautiful, I can imagine them in a large flat bowl on my coffee table. Must check out the book, it sounds fab!

  8. what a discovery! I love them too but they seem to be hard to find now in Canada well where I live anyway, I just found your blog today, I'm so glad I have, we have another blog in common, best wishes from Canada, I have joined as a follower to keep up with your posts!!

  9. Thank you for sharing..this book looks very lovely...I love collecting and grouping as well my friend. I have oodles of old spoons...they do look lovely in a glass jar...hugs

  10. They are so very lovely!
    I have a little collection too - they make me happy
    (thanks for the mail - very sweet)


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