Sunday, October 14, 2012


Even my Dad has been telling me that I haven't done a blog post since September 27th.
Missing in action.
Well you see, Brunnel announced yet another trip overseas for work.
This time to L.A.
I managed to persuade him that if he sat in the back of the plane, instead of where he would prefer to sit, up the front, then I could go too.
And then, well, you could have knocked me down with a wet bus ticket, when the man renowned for moths flying from his wallet, decided that the girls could come too, it being school holidays after all.
Believe me, that was a moment to be seized quickly before he changed his mind.
So, that's where we've been.
And we had a fabulous time.
We had two fabulous, fun-filled days at Disneyland, where we went on every ride possible.
I closed my eyes the whole of the way around that horrific roller-coaster, and screamed with the best of them at the Hollywood Tower of Terror. (What a fantastic concept!)
Eva chatted with her favourite Disney princess, Ariel, and literally could not believe her eyes when she saw Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty & Ariel all together at the Fantasyland Castle.
Mostly, we laughed - a lot. And especially when we saw the photos snapped of 
ourselves screaming in terror on some ride.
And then when Brunnel had to start work, we moved to Santa Monica, and that was Milly's cue to start shopping. Her eyes were literally out on stalks as she tried to stretch her spending money as far as possible. I had to admire her negotiating tactics, as she tried to persuade her father to cough up just a little bit more, for maybe just one more pair of Converse sneakers.
As for me, I so enjoyed the break, and I always relish the opportunity to see what's happening on the retail scene in the States.
The merchandising and the great service, as usual, didn't let me down.
(Just don't get me started on the coffee. You know I'm getting desperate when I resort to a 
vanilla latte at Starbucks!)
I always come home with ideas, even if they stem from a different arena to that of my own.
And after all, isn't that half the fun of getting away.

Amanda x
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  1. Oh how wonderful Amanda, getting away with the whole family. It sounds like so much fun! I;m not convinced by those Anthro flowers though!

  2. Wonderful trip - Fab pictures - you've even half sold me on Disneyland! A x

  3. I am so pleased for you! It's so good to get overseas and get a new perspective on the world and plenty of new ideas...and so great to travel as a family and share those amazing experiences!

  4. It makes me happy to hear that you had a lovely time in L.A. The perfect excuse for being MIA!


  5. What a fun and exciting family trip!

  6. Looks like fabulous fun. So wonderful to break out of the routine and breathe in new inspiration.
    Disneyland is great when you have kids. I admit I loved it as an adult and didn't think I would!
    I tried to find Anthropologie in Vancouver, but with an hour to spare, decided it wasn't worth the expensive taxi ride. I'm sure it must have been great to visit! x

  7. Hi Amanda,
    You're on my good mail list from Sarah over at Molly's Maison. I've had a little mooch round your blog; it looks lovely. Wanted to say hello, looking forward to getting to know you.

  8. Oh how exciting! What a wonderful trip it sounds like you all had. I'd love to visit Anthropolgie in person some day :)


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