Friday, October 19, 2012

happy (long) weekend

Well there's nothing like a busy week back at work & home to make a girl forget all about her holiday in a hurry!
Hurray for long weekends then.
Even if the weather isn't looking fabulous.
Quite possibly a good thing, as Eva & I have lots of 'crafty' things to make for her upcoming school fair, so if it's a little wet, so much the better.

Speaking of Eva, she's had an interesting week at school, with 'sexuality road' classes.
Conversation around the dinner table has been most entertaining.
She was quite excited to learn that no, her mother hadn't yet been through menopause, because that would mean that I could have another baby after all. (Oh, great idea.)
And Brunnel nearly choked when out of the blue, her serious voice enquired if he'd ever had a wet dream. Let alone her anatomical drawing which included terms for all those boy bits which included 'hairy potatoes' and other salubrious names.
Those nine year olds grow up fast these days!

Changing the subject then, my first peony of the season. No, of course I didn't grow it!
I bought one for the store.
Aren't they so impossibly beautiful?
All tight little buds at first, and then opening to a mass of feathery petals, 
gradually changing colour each day.
How to make a girl happy? Buy her a peony!

Have a lovely weekend.
Amanda xx

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  1. That's hilarious! My 9 yr old is quite shy, we are more likely to get those 'hairy' questions from her little sisters in a few years. My Mum gave me a beautiful bunch of peonies today, they are looking divine, and make me smile whenever I look at them :) x

  2. Beautiful pink peonies are far easier to comment on than awkward funny conversations!

  3. Oh gosh I feel depressed! Are they really teaching that to 9 year olds in NZ now? Maybe a good excuse to stay in the UK!!!

  4. Priceless! She will enjoy hearing that story at her 21st birthday party!
    I might have to treat myself to some peonies, they are so beautiful x

  5. Good grief, I would have loved to see his face with that one...

    Do you ever watch the Aussie show Rake? On the last episode the judge and Cleaver were trying to come up with a better name for penis to use in the the courtroom....out came all the slang and was hilarious.

  6. Holey Schmoley! I don't know what's more frightening/amusing - I can just imagine poor Brunnel spitting his mouthful across the table as his innocent daughter enquires as to the uh...quality of his dreams.... What school are you sending them to Amanda? Hilarious! Annie x

  7. Oh my gosh, hilarious, I laughed out loud! I agree with Penny, the wet dream story will have to be retold at her 21st. Classic.
    Oh yes, the peony is stunning by the way :)

  8. Your flower is stunning ..and I had to have a little chuckle about that class...I soooo remember the questions that came out of my daughters mouths least they can openly talk about what they learned with us! You are such a great MOM! Hugs my is your lovely shop doing? I so wish I could visit one day...just came back from shopping in some lovely Vancouver home mind is filled with ideas now. xoxoxo Have you started Christmas decorating yet???

  9. Your dinner time conversations had me in stitches - hilarious! Children grow up so quickly these days. I'm sure I wasn't so cluey about such things at nine :)


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