Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Amanda & Katie

As of this moment, I don't know who loves Katie Quinn Davies more - me, or the rest of the family.
Despite my girl crush, it could actually be the family.
Tonight is the fourth night in a row that they have dined on a recipe from Katie's absolutely stunning new book, What Katie Ate - Recipes and other Bits & Bobs.
What's more, even my little fad, Eva, has literally lapped it up 
(once I explained that a caper wasn't remotely fishy, coconut wasn't hidden in anything & that, OK, she didn't have to have more than 3 pieces of rocket in her salad).
On Saturday night it was Lemon Chicken with Herbed Rice. Then on Sunday night it was Salmon and Baby Potatoes with Asparagus & Caper Dressing.
Last night, Orecchiette with Roast Tomatoes & Pecorino Cream Sauce, and tonight Sticky Chicken with Sesame & Chilli.

Here's my orecchiette. What do you think?
I promise, it tasted delicious.
Trying to photograph it? Not so easy, no matter how hard I tried to channel Katie's style.
I think this is where my admiration goes into overdrive. Because of course she not only wrote the recipes and cooked & tested them, but she also styled, and photographed everything.
Is there no end to this girl's talent?
And this is a seriously beautiful cook book, from cover to cover.
I like nothing better than simple, seasonal cooking, that suits our style of living, but when the recipes are also delivered in a beautifully crafted book that is both tactile & visual, then I'm smitten.
I've always loved Katie's blog, and regularly purchase Delicious magazine now that she is a contributor, and I promise, this book more than lives up to expectations.

What's next on the menu? I'm feeling like Julie & Julia, only it's Amanda & Katie.
Actually I'm sure tomorrow night it's Brunnel's turn to cook.
I might leave the book open at 'Katie's Panzanella' in case he needs a little inspiration...

Amanda x

P.S I'm adding this post to Jane's Post of the Month Club!
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  1. Yuuuum! I'd drop every French meal for a taste of that. Thinking I might have to muscle in there and we could be a threesome. Amanda, Ange and Katie... Whadaya think?

  2. looks like a great book, how inspiring that she did so much of the book herself!

  3. Thank you for sharing...this book looks amazing. xoxo Hope you are well my friend.

  4. Sound delicious and your photos look amazing. You're right...you MUST cook through the entire book a la Julie Powell and see what happens? After I saw the movie I made the 'Pate de Canard en Croute' or rather duck stuffed with pork and veal then wrapped in pastry.....it was a monumental effort and we were eating it for DAYS. Katie's food looks much more enticing! Rx

  5. Me thinks you are wonderwoman Amanda! Along with everything else you do, you can serve amazing meals. Very impressed! x

  6. Ooooh I love her recipes too. Much nicer to have the book, rather than having to get the laptop set up on the kitchen bench.

  7. Yum - it all looks and sounds utterly delicious! I shall be adding Katie's book to my wishlist.
    Loved reading about your LA trip - what fun.

  8. I've always been a big fan of Katie's photography and styling. I've never tried oneof her recipes though but hearing about what you've cooked from her book makes me want to try them all now! Yum! They sound like nice, simple dishes with simple ingredients and flavours, exactly the sort of recipes I like x

  9. that does look delicious. I think your photo of the dish is pretty good too! I'm very keen on cookbooks that revolve around simple meals at the moment. The dust on the recipe books from fancy restaurants on my bookshelves is evidence of that! xx (PoTMC)

  10. i love the blog for What Katie Ate-the books looks lovely-problem is-i don't really cook-not enough, I am a baker...but it is on my wishlist-and i know she does bake too

  11. Hi there, just popping in from POTMC :)
    I love the WKA cookbook, her styling is fantastic, and the blog is equally as good. I have yet to make any of her recopies, but soon... :)

  12. Your fam is so lucky! I have very much enjoyed looking at my copy... ... x


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