Thursday, September 27, 2012

nutters, mutters & a rug

I'm sorry that I'm still not back up to full speed with this little blog.
I could tell you that those blessed peg dolls have still been my number one pre-occupation, and that wouldn't be far from the truth.
Those pegs are starting to upset the whole household.
The other night I had a marathon session sorting out the finalists.
After the judging team had conferred which they were to be, I photographed each of them again, and then prepared each photo to load up for voting on both the store website and facebook.
By 2 in the morning I was finally done.
Staggering to bed, I made the mistake of turning on the hall light.
Milly woke up and asked if it was time to get up.
No, I explained, I was only just going to bed.
Eva woke up and decided she would be scared unless I hopped in to bed with her.
No, I explained, she would be fine, and I was just going to get in to my own bed, thanks.
A drink of water, a night light, and Eva was still insisting she was scared.
Gently, I explained that quite possibly the only thing to be scared of would be a sleep-deprived and increasingly grumpy Mummy, but funnily enough this tactic didn't work.
Milly suggested Eva hop in to bed with her.
No, she only feels safe with Mummy.
The voices are getting louder.
Bruno the dog wakes up and decides he needs an extra trip outside.
Brunnel wakes up and is decidedly unhappy.
I get a 2.15 in the morning lecture on the fact that my children are 'Mummy's girls' and why am I working this late.
The dog returns to his bed but everyone else is up yelling at each other.
Now we play a round of musical beds.
The girls and I end up in my bed, and Brunnel continues to mutter darkly about the 'Mummy's girls' and his wife who is a nutter, as he goes down the hall to Eva's bed.
You see what those peg dolls have started?
By 2.30 all is peaceful once more.

Oh yes, the Designers Guild rug which has made an appearance in my living room.
Of course it's meant to be for the store.
But I thought I would just see how it might look at home first.
And I'm afraid that I like it. A lot.
 Maybe I'll have to order another one for the store!

Amanda xx
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  1. Those darn peg dolls!
    Great story Amanda, it's funny how events just snowball until it's so unbearable that all you can do is laugh at the isanity....later anyway!x

  2. You must have felt like pegging the dolls! The rug is a great foil for that delicious bit of ottoman there!

  3. Oh dear, those pesky dolls! Little trouble makers...

  4. Poor Amanda. It reminds me so much of some grumpy night-times in my own house, and never again will I enter a competition without considering the turmoil possibly caused to the long-suffering judges.

  5. I feel your angst....everything is worse in the middle of the night....I was cleaning up vomit a couple of nights ago at a similar time! Your living room is utterly gorgeous....I am besotted with your ottoman and new rug! Rx

  6. You most definitely need that rug, as surrogate to those Pegdolls..go on a treat for yourself...I'm sure you've been very good and no new outfits or shoes lately?? Think you need to order another for the shop as I'd like to see when we come over...only nine more sleeps ..YIPPEE! Bring on the holidays (one of those slightly mad mums who enjoys them!) Take care and hope sleep has returned to the house? Jx

  7. What a crazy night those peg dolls caused you! I hope, after a good sleep, you all laughed about it in the morning.

    That fabulous rug looks very much at home in your lounge--so invigorating, seeing the mix of patterns. A keeper!

  8. Oh dear - the 2am lectures on how to (or not to) raise children are in hindsight quite funny. But having had similar rounds of musical beds, and accusations of Mummy's boys thrown at me, I can sympathise :) Who knew those sweet little pegs dolls could cause so much trouble! Here's to earlier nights ahead. Annie x

  9. Dear Marigold,
    I find it quite comforting that I am not the only "Mummy" who tries to convince their children that their bed (sans Mummy) is the proper bed to go to, and stay rarely works for me either. :) But ALWAYS worth the try...right?
    (PS, I love the carpet!)

  10. Hilarious, Amanda, you poor poppet. I love your wryness. And I'm with Romy - they're both stunning! J x


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