Thursday, September 20, 2012

happiness is a peg

Wondering where I have been for the past week?
Life has been consumed by one thing and one thing only 
- peg dolls.
It has been wave after wave, you just stand up again, and another arrives.
I've been stressing about looking after them all carefully, getting each one photographed before it can be separated from its name tag, and of course getting them all in to the store window.
These little friends of mine have become my life this week!
And so, at last, they are all in the window - over 400 peg dolls - they've been delivered from all over New Zealand, from Australia, and from as far away as Canada.

All day yesterday there were noses pressed up against the window. Excited little ones searching for their creation, and giggling in delight when they found it.
And passers-by who do a double take when they realise what they are actually seeing.

These photos don't do them justice. I realised that when I downloaded them last night - but it's a start.
This year we have ballerinas, mermaids, cancan girls, super heroes, All Blacks, skiers, flower fairies, leaf fairies, and just plain old fairies, queens, kings, a giant, beach babes, robots, astronauts, farmers, hunters, cupcakes, twins, One Direction, Flight of the Conchords, Margaret Mahy, witches, a fisherman, a big fat gypsy peg wedding, pirates, queen's soldiers, Miss World, Wayne Rooney, Marie Antoinette, a bunny, a shark, an Irish dancer and a leprechaun, and many many many more.
I am astounded by the amazing creativity and incredible ideas.

And they all have one thing in common - they make you smile!
It's quite contagious. They are a very happy little window.
Simple, sweet and happy.

The voting round will begin soon.
Keep watching for details.

Amanda xx
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  1. I have been waiting and looking forward to this post! What happy, happy creations--such a wonderful thing for you to do. Such joy!

  2. What absolute treasures each and very one of them. Great idea for window display, but also just great to give kids (and adults) a focus for creation. Sorry I was too slack (read busy) to do one myself! Good on you. R

  3. I think I mentioned before how much I love this idea....good old fashioned fun. They are amazing all together like that.

  4. If I was there my nose would be pressed up to the glass too..what a fantastic shop window display and exhibition!

  5. They look amazing. I really wish I could have got my act together and contributed. Next year? What a fabulous collection and window display x

  6. I want to make some! I think the photos are great.

  7. A lot of work for you...but I bet you've made a lot of people very happy! What a fantastic idea! They are gorgeous.

  8. They do make you smile. So very cute and creative!

  9. So many amazing creations, so much love and work put in. A great Small Acorns tradition.

  10. Wow, there are some great peg dolls there :) Some very talented kids around xo

  11. Oh how utterly wonderful! They do make you smile - wish I was able to see them in person!

  12. I don't envy you the judging task. They all look so fantastic and choosing the best would be so difficult! x

  13. amazing! It is a competition?
    So so nice :) Tomorrow I will show them to my daughter.


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