Friday, September 7, 2012

embracing a little colour

(image copyright & with permission, Designers Guild)

Does this image get your heart skipping?
It does mine.
If I break it down to the specifics, it is the perfect mix of everything that I believe a beautiful room needs. These are the elements I combine in all my interiors.
Texture - gorgeous plush rug underfoot, those amazing floral & dip-dyed linens at the window, and a painterly sweep of graduated colour on the wall, which is, believe it or not, an ombre wallpaper. 
(I know, stunning!) Then a little upcycling, by way of the simple palette bed.
A little bit contemporary - the clean, modern lines of the white chair and that great lamp.
Chippy, old and so very beautiful, the tiled fireplace is that one of a kind find.
Sitting on top of it, a fleamarket mirror, and a beautiful mix of handmade vases, filled with simple, fresh flowers.
And of course, the colour. The thing that only Designers Guild can do as Designers Guild does.

(image copyright & with permission, Designers Guild) 

And never mind if these are not your colours. I love a little pink myself. But, everyone responds to different colours differently believe me. Whatever your favourite, add a little colour into a room, and I promise you, from boring and bland, to singing, in no time at all. 
You know, ever since I started working with Designers Guild (exclusively for 13 lucky years now), people have wandered into the store for a little pick me up. Sometimes they may not have heard of either Small Acorns, or Designers Guild, they don't even know what has 'called' them in, but that whisper of colour is mood-altering, and they all say how great that makes them feel.
Our regulars come for a daily dose! No wonder I still find Designers Guild as exciting & inspirational as when I first discovered them for myself. (Maybe that's a story for another day!)

(image copyright & with permission, Designers Guild)  

And if I hear one more person intimate that Designers Guild is only about bright, in your face colour, I'll scream. If that's what you like, then great, we can do that. But equally, we embrace every colour in the spectrum, from softest, palest chalk to moodiest, sludgiest midnight. Just name your potion.
About the only 'colour' I struggle with is what I call porridge - my all-encompassing term for a bland, safe, take-no-risks interior. Although porridge itself, as a colour, with brown sugar & cream on the top, that might be OK!! Lots of brown sugar though.

(image copyright & with permission, Designers Guild) 
These images are all featuring fabrics and wallpapers from the 
I hope they inspire you to have a colour-filled weekend!

Amanda xx
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  1. Stunning..every single the high high ceilings...and the colours could not get any better...Happy September to you. xo

  2. Now this is when I would love to be impossibly rich and be able to live in several different houses decorated in as many styles! The first picture is so ethereal..a delicate beauty, the, the third..comfortable..great decorating. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  3. Designers Guild genius!
    Always been a fan of the way the interiors are put together with such diverse elements, yet always looking so comfortable together! x

  4. Isn't funny how the word porridge in reference to food elicits warm yummy feelings (especially when served with runny cream and brown sugar), but when used in reference to colour it makes one think of bland, dank spaces.... Name aside I do like the odd splodge of porridge as a colour, but I also like mixing the unexpected. The best spaces have unexpected pairings. And as for that fireplace in the first image - yeepers talk about stunning!
    Have a wonderful weekend - hopefully the weather isn't too wild. Annie x

  5. You have no idea of how much I love Designer's Guild! They know how to use colors for sure. And I love blue in every shade, so the first picture made my heart sing. Have a great weekend.

  6. Lovely post and nice to see the new designs. I guess I'm one of those people that in the past have thought Designer Guild is about bright and intense colours - I think it's because they're the ones that caught my attention because I liked them so much!

  7. Wow...fabulous rooms! The colours...the way they are put together...everything. Just makes me feel good looking at them.

  8. A world without color is not a world I could live in. (You should see my house!) I am dead gone for that ombré wallpaper- but the one in green on the DG website. Too good. And I love the styling of the flowers. Stuff to dream on!

  9. Such a stunning post, Amanda. You lucky girl to be surrounded by such glory daily. J x


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