Monday, September 3, 2012

bits and bobs

I could sub-title this post something along the lines of once a collector, always a collector.
For I do think that being a collector (of ... things!) gives great purpose to shopping excursions, and a perfectly valid excuse for buying something, that up until that moment you had no idea existed.
And though I may harp on constantly to my girls about the need for focussing on the job at hand, and not allowing distractions to take over, I'm of course referring to homework and pocket-money earning tasks at home, and piano practice.
And, as any self-respecting magpie will agree, you cannot let an opportunity pass you by, especially when you chance upon a treasure that you absolutely love, even though you were not meant to be treasure hunting.

Which is of course, my way of justifying why, when on Friday morning, as I was, I promise, very focussed on gathering props and ideas for our upcoming peg doll store window, I somehow came home with these fabulous finds.
Which are nothing whatsoever to do with either store windows or peg dolls.
But which I just love.
The fabulous floral enamel tray in mint green, orange & red.
I can't wait to serve a big salad on it, but for now, all washed up and shiny,
I'm just enjoying looking at it.
The super-cute little drawers are, I think, old Japanese first-aid boxes.
Don't you love the sumo one?

For me, these old unique pieces have a charm that cannot be replicated with a new piece.
I love that they're chippy and imperfect.
Someone else's junk. Another's treasure.
Sometimes inspiration comes unexpectedly.
And must be seized upon!

I'm joining in with Sarah's Bits and Bobs today.

Amanda xx

P.S For those of you enquiring - yes, we had a great time in our 50's gear on Friday night. With all my underskirts I felt the size of a small building, and was grateful for my sunglasses to hide behind. Many of the other parents dressed up also, which gave us all a good laugh, even if our kids didn't think it remotely funny.
Eva was happy to dance with her parents. Milly, not so keen. Far too cool for school! x
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  1. The boxes are wonderful--I've never seen anything like them!
    I've been wondering how the peg doll contest was coming along--can't wait to see pictures.

  2. You definitely have to take the opportunities that present themselves when deliciously sweet collectables appear! I can't wait to see your peg dolls too.

  3. Dear God I want all of it.

    Great score. And beautiful shots as always.

    xo Jane

  4. I can't blame you for taking them home with you. Lovely, unique! And I saw you on tagged in Facebook. You looked fantastic a Joanie Cunningham happy days way! xx

  5. What wonderful goodies! I agree, that pretty plate will be amazing with a big summery salad on top. You really have a knack Amanda for discovering seriously cool bits and bobs! I must post you into my post. Thank you for playing :)

  6. wow! These boxes...
    Are your daughters learning piano?
    They like to play it? My daughter never wants to practice the violin :(

  7. the tray is beautiful - I can imagine it with a watermelon, feta and olive salad on it too - fab!!
    love the boxes - I could get right into collecting them

  8. Lovely treasures - I like your 'method' of collecting :) I work on the basis that if one doesn't 'collect' it then and there, one will be disappointed later when one realises just HOW much one liked it. The 50's costume sounds fab, any chance we'll see pictures :)

  9. Oh god a fifties party? I love the fifties. And I like these boxes a lot. I used to cover up shoeboxes with wrapping paper and glue and use them to store photos or music tapes. It was fun making them. I can understand why you collect them, boxes are addictive.


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