Friday, August 31, 2012

happy weekend

Gosh this week has flown along!
And tomorrow it's Spring - officially - and long may this gorgeous weather continue.
I'm popping in quickly as I have a school disco to prepare for. Oh dear.
It's fancy dress - 50's style - and both girls are absolutely mortified that not only are their parents coming to the disco, but that we're embracing the fancy dress thing.
Well, isn't that parents pay back?
I sure remember my parents doing it to me!
The girls are very worried about Brunnell and his dance moves.
Frankly so am I!
 I have my 'pink lady' a la Grease outfit all ready. 
It's hidden under the bed for a little last minute surprise. 
(And don't worry - there's no hint of Olivia Newton John. I know my limits!)
I have promised I won't sing.
I might dance just a little, nothing embarrassing.
I just sure hope that the other parents are dressing up too.

Have a lovely weekend.
Amanda xx
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  1. That outfit sounds utterly fab! What fun. My daughter was invited to a dress as your favourite rockstar party last weekend with parents encouraged to come along and dress up too. For weeks we workshopped our outfits, my husband and the boys were going to be the beatles in their mystic guru phase as we have that all of that in the dress up box after a trip to India. Mimi and I were also going the Grease look....her as Sandy before and me as Sandy after.....Anyway, my husband and I went on a last minute night away and missed the party. When I asked about it later it was to hear that NOBODY dressed up. Only the birthday girl's dad. Sad, eh?! I hope you have a ball! Rx

  2. Sounds fun Amanda. Nothing like embarrassing your children!
    Have a great weekend x

  3. You must be on the other side of the world. It's the end of summer here!

  4. What a fun event!!!
    I love dress-ups as I
    think it encourages
    everyone to loosen
    up a bit and just enjoy.
    I hope you'll have your
    girls take your picture
    for Instagram; I'd love
    to see you in your Pink
    Lady attire!!

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  5. Lucky you! Hope you share photos of you guys in your costumes. I can just imagine how your kids are cringing I would have been too if my parents were chaperones, no slow dancing!
    Have fun.

  6. Ha! Which Pink Lady? I love it! I think it's our job as parents, to provide some embarrassing moments-isn't it? Have so much fun, would love to see pictures!

  7. Please, please let us know if any other parents dressed up!!! Rx

  8. I have just visited your blog for the first time and enjoyed... Your shop looks fabulous too!


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