Tuesday, August 28, 2012

dusky grey & magnolia pink

I realise these images may not make much sense.
You're wondering what it is you're looking at.
In its entirety, there are so many beautiful elements.
Capturing them while squashed into a corner of the shop window, not so easy!
It's a simple combination.
Plush dusky grey velvet on a beautiful deep buttoned sofa.
Dip-dyed ever-so-slightly-crushed charcoal linen in the background, fading from almost black to chalky white.
And these stunning magnolia branches.
Hints of pink amongst the grey.

And this is work you say? 
A little fluffing at the store!
Don't we all have days where we need a little fluff.

Amanda xx

PS Jane - does this count as a Flowers in the House, when it's more a flowers at the store?
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  1. Every aspect of it is so very beautiful! That sofa is divine! X

  2. I love these magnolias, and your blog too! It is so colorful and with a lot of good decoration ideas!

  3. House, Shop....I think it's all good. What a gorgeous colour those magnolias are, especially against the grey.

  4. I think if you could ship that sofa over to me all would be forgiven.

    Magnolia! It's spring there. Enjoy your printemps.

    xo jane

  5. Pink and grey are the perfect color combination. You have magnolias, that means Spring, I am jealous.

  6. I love a good fluffing day - Lovely!!

  7. If it's your store, I bet you practically live there anyway..so I am sure it counts! Great pictures.

  8. Oh I'm in love with the grey velvet sofa. I hope it comes with the magnolia.

  9. Gorgeous sofa! Can we swap jobs for a while? I'm sure you would love the crappy office I work in. The boss doesn't allow any tidying up because then he can't find anything! x

  10. Love the magnolias. Your shop looks really lovely, as does your blog. I'll have to come back to poke around a bit.


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