Wednesday, May 27, 2009

it was 20 years ago today

Brunnel and I have joked for a long time about the patience and tolerance needed at times to survive wedded bliss together! I come out with that oldy but a goody about 'murder would be a shorter sentence bla bla bla' and he pretends he can't hear. The usual banter.
However, today we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Crikey - how time flies when you're having fun (most of the time.)
Yesterday, just for fun, I thought I might take a peek at my wedding dress. I don't think I've looked at it since wearing it this time 20 years ago.
Well, I was an 80's bride, so there is some meringue as would be expected, and I'm not sure what I was thinking when I was so adamant about wearing a poofy thing on my head, and definitely no veil. However, I did smile to myself as I gently lifted it out of the box. There was even a 'lucky boot' still pinned in to the underside of the hooped pettiskirt. I guess it has worked well! My girls are desperate for me to show them the dress, so I'll get it out again for them tonight. They have such romantic notions!!
I'm sure I haven't aged quite so much as Brunnel!! My hair at least is the same colour (hee hee). I guess that living with me is a much harder job than it looks! Here's to the next 20 years darling!!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

feeling under the weather

Lets face it - we've all been feeling a little under the weather of late. (And I'm not just talking about Brunnel's man-flu.) Who hasn't felt the sting of the antartic chill upon stepping outside. Winter is upon us, and strictly speaking, it's still meant to be autumn!

So, to cheer all those brave souls who have ventured into the store these last few days, we're giving away a little glimpse of spring, by way of some daffodil bulbs. It's a little idea I've had brewing for some time, and have at last managed to get the timing right ie it is actually the time to buy and plant the bulbs! Usually it's the sort of thing I might concoct as the daffodils are in full bloom. Close, but no cigar.
Anyway, I just love the look of the bulbs themselves, packaged in a wee cellophane bag, with an old-fashioned label tied on with some twine, and sitting in a lovely 'mud' platter. It's all quite tactile.
And, come spring, all this winter gloom will be forgotten as we enjoy these ever cheerful flowers. Pin It

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

meet the family

I thought it was perhaps time to introduce my family. And what better way than with this gorgeous family portrait (and I'm allowed to be biased). It is the work of my five year old Eva May. She is the smiley one on the left of the picture. Millicent Amelia, age 9 is in the middle. I have the very beautiful and colourful dress on. This is obviously E-M's fantasy because mostly she sees me in various shades of black! Brunnel has on the groovy flares. It is very possible that he does in fact have something like these in his wardrobe. I only hope we don't get to see them too soon.
I've had the painting framed in a simple white box frame, and it takes pride of place in my office for now. I couldn't bear to send it off to be made in to some terrible calendar-thingy, with someone else's graphics laminated on top. Sorry I failed the school on that fund-raiser! Anyway it's worth more than a Monet to me. Pin It

Sunday, May 17, 2009

getting in the mood

This mood board sits in my office. Whenever I'm in need of a little inspiration or a little pick me up, I can usually find it by looking at this ever-changing visual display. The items on it are treasures gathered from travels, or favourite photos, postcards, handmade cards & invitations. All things that have a memory and conjure up a smile or an idea.
This gorgeous old suitcase card speaks of voyages in days gone by, when travel was exotic and adventurous, and glamourous. I picked it up from a junk shop one day, and love the mystery journey that lies behind it. The photo of my girls on ballet recital day, the card from a great cafe in New York, the hand-written cards from friends and mentors.

Create a board like this for yourself. This one is covered with a piece of fabric, and has tape criss-crossed and pinned across it to slip your cards and photos in behind. Alternatively, pick up a corkboard from somewhere like The Warehouse. Paint the frame itself, and either paint the cork itself or cover it with fabric or giftwrap before arranging your treasures. Either way, its a great way to personalise your space and gives you somewhere to display your mementos or ideas of things to come.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

all dolled up

I bet you're wondering who this stylish abode belongs to? The lucky owner is one Barbie Millicent Roberts aka Barbie. Always a style icon, this modernist masterpiece was Barbie's dream home in 1960.
I was thinking about Barbie turning 50 this year as my girls and I spent a happy Sunday afternoon playing with Barbie. Yes, this is how I spend my down time!!!
It always was, and still is, all about the clothes. According to Mattel's fact file, around 1 billion fashion items have been produced for Barbie. This chic 'open road' look circa 1961 Barbie is absolute proof of fashion reinventing itself. Love the sunglasses. A great everyday look for many of the 108 careers Barbie has had, including time spent as a surgeon, aerobics instructor, olympic swimmer, flight attendant, astronaut, presidential candidate, & more recently, a TV chef (!!)

Remember Malibu Barbie, Barbie & Ken, Barbie's little sister Skipper...

We dress, undress and redress our Barbies (we have 13 of them at last count - you can never have too many obviously), and line them up for a fashion show.

Can you tell which is my original 1960's era Barbie in this image? She's the one with the original hairdo! I must have styled her myself at some stage! I do believe she is looking rather enviously at her pretty friend with the long eyelashes. I'm afraid she is usually overlooked by my girls for their more glamourous versions, so I thought she deserved a wee doll up. Quite Trelise Barbie I think.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

gossiping girls

Are we allowed to confess that most of us at Small Acorns are keen Gossip Girl fans? (What is it with this new time slot on a Sunday afternoon? I have to secretly record it for watching later in the week, & it's not exactly the sort of viewing I'd want my 9 & 5 year olds watching! School was not like that in my day!) (I sound like an old crone!)
Anyway, it's almost compulsive viewing for the lifestyle and the clothes alone.

Serena's new bedroom features not one, but two, gorgeous Kartell Bourgie lamps. So, I think this makes it bona fide viewing now....

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