Tuesday, April 28, 2009

looking beyond winter

It is pouring with rain outside as I write tonight, and it seems that perhaps that first real wintery blast has hit. Truth be told, I might not relish the walk to the store in the morning as I get blown along the waterfront, but I am looking forward to an excuse to wear some winter clothes, layering up with a coat, scarf and some cosy warm winter knits. However, while winter is still a novelty at the moment, in a few dark weeks time, I'll be looking for the glimmer of spring. All the more reason to think about a little spring bulb planting. One of my favourites, because they are so easy to grow, are hyacinths. Don't they look great en mass like these? I also like them planted in a deep glass vase with stones and moss. (You just need to put the vase into a dark, cool space so that a good root system develops before you let the leaves & flowers grow).
If you're more of an 'instant spring' girl, then pots of forced hyacinth bulbs are easy to come by, and make a fragrant gift for a floral friend. 'Scent' here in Wellington has gorgeous round glass bowls planted up, and 'Daisy a Day' are wrapping their pots in recycled coffee bean sacks, as above.

So, start planning for those seasonal doldrums now!! You'll thank me for it, when those tender little shoots start popping up (although honestly, my anenomes never look like these. I think I plant them upside down, despite my Nana showing me which was the right way up many a time!).

I also want to say a big thank you for all your comments. I'm so excited to read them when they come in. And for those of you who voice your enthusiasm, but say you're too nervous to actually comment on the blog, go on... you'll make my day!
Amanda xx Pin It

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i am loving: health & religion

I am absolutely captivated by Megan Campbell’s new exhibition at Mary Newton Gallery. Paintings about obsolete health cures and sham religion feature, together with the most delightful painted wooden couples, such as 'The Gardeners' and 'The Wedding', above.
Folksy and whimsical - and quite divine!

Entitled Health and Religion the exhibition meditates on both of these ideas with regard to self-help texts and the now quaint ideas that were so forward thinking at the time. A 1950s Home Medical Companion, NZ Ways with Flowers, and various religious manuals for enlightenment were Campbell's sources for the new work.

She explains "My interest in these ideas expresses itself in the little narratives portrayed in the work. Figures dot the paintings doing salutes to the sun and who knows what - highlighting the dogmatic and prescriptive nature of the self-help industry, but also the shift in ideas over time. What was once considered useful in a self-help sense is often now laughable, and esoteric texts kept secret and inaccessible are now freely available online.”
The detail in this garden is gorgeous - the sort of painting where each time you look at it, you see something else, and I especially love that some of the flowers are embroidered on to the canvas.
The exhibition is on until April 25th. Pin It

Thursday, April 9, 2009

feather your easter nest

If ever there is an excuse to over-indulge in chocolate then easter is the time! However, I am also loving some of these gorgeous ideas which don't have quite the same calorie content. These beautiful screen-printed eggs by orike muth would look stunning all year.

These delicious little easter nest cakes are made by Floriditas and are available at the always fabulous Moore Wilsons Fresh in Wellington.

On Sunday morning we'll be heading for the magic forest where we know the easter bunny hides lots of eggs of the chocolate variety! The girls will take their baskets, and search for those tantalising foil covered treats, while we have a hot chocolate and a hot cross bun.
Have a lovely long weekend everyone! See you next week. xx Pin It

Sunday, April 5, 2009

instore at small acorns

It was a tough week at the store last week (for various reasons I won't even begin to go in to)! All the more reason for the girls and I to get excited when some fabulous new furniture arrived. Showcasing the latest Designers Guild Manhattan & Essentials collections is this little ensemble of gorgeousness! The Hayward sofa is a little bit retro and quirky, and looks fantastic upholstered in this new Designers Guild Trento fabric.
What do you think of these amazing lampshades we've had made, again using the Designers Guild Manhattan collection? It was tempting to take them home immediately, but common sense prevailed, and they are instore for all to see. The huge scale is just fantastic!!

No doubt about it - having a great change around is good exercise, and good for the spirit!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Pin It
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