Tuesday, March 31, 2009

interior inspiration

I just love this image taken of senior Designers Guild stylist, Liza Gile's beautiful home. The stunning Designers Guild Fioravanti flocked wallpaper with an amazing collection of loved artwork and old photos, and all hung so beautifully. Taken in isolation, all the elements of this room seem so disparate, and yet together they work seamlessly together in eclectic harmony! (Is there such a thing?).

So, one of the first rules of styling your space is to use the treasures that speak to you. If you don't really love something, or if it's just not working with your other pieces, put it away for a while. (Even if your mother-in-law gave it to you, or you inherited it from great aunt eunice, if you hate it - lose it!) And don't be afraid to move things around until you get it right.

Secondly, great rooms are not perfect and they are always changing. It's in the mix, not the match.

I could phaff on all day about styling, and often do instore!! However, I also know that it is easier said than done, and I am often asked for tips and tricks. So, I thought I could use this blog to share a little of my experience. I'll keep you posted, and as always I love your feedback and comments.

(And with thanks to Designers Guild, not only for this image via Inside Out, but because they really are the masters of styling.) Pin It

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the thing about blogging

I've rashly made promises to several people over the past week. I've promised so many of you that I will blog more often. And have I? No!! I've sweated and procrastinated and walked the dog and read other peoples way more inspiring blogs for inspiration and sat down at the computer once again and got up again and checked on my girls just one more time and made a coffee and ignored my husband's twittering and less than helpful suggestions and gazed out the window and gazed at my gorgeous new Emily Wolfe painting (above)...can anyone see a pattern here? The thing is, I love the whole idea of blogging - how one blog leads to another and then another and another, and suddenly I have forgotten (conveniently) that I'm meant to be writing my own blog which never seems quite as inspirational as some of the favourites I read. So, we've added a blogroll to this column. Yes, I know there are only a few favourites there so far. I don't want to direct you away from the Small Acorns site too quickly!! And I don't want you to think I spend all my time reading other folk's blogs. (between blogs and the magazine reading there is no other time!) Don't worry - I'll keep adding to it. In the mean time, thanks so much for all your comments, and I promise I'll try harder!! Pin It

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

being a magazine-a-holic

I have an addiction to magazines. Something about the beautiful imagery and the inspiring people, places, homes, food, clothes and ideas featured keeps me coming back for more. I think my love of magazines stems from way back. As a tween and then teenager, I followed my mother's lead and managed to persuade my father that, along with her 'Australian House & Garden', buying my absolute favourite 'Pink' magazine, and then 'Seventeen' magazine for his surgery waiting room was a great idea. Of course I promised that I would only have a quick read and then off they would go to the waiting room for his patients enjoyment. So, six months or so after each issue came out, Mum and I would each go through our magazine stash, and perhaps sacrifice one or two for the waiting room. It was hard to let go then, and it still is!

The Pink magazine as I remember it isn't around these days, but Seventeen is still huge, especially if you're an aspiring 'next top model' and you get to be on the cover. The NZ fashion scene wasn't quite what it is now back then, and I used to dream of owning Levi's like these. Mmmm...
Feeling particularly clever Mum and I would trace patterns from the Burda magazine, whip them up on the sewing machine, and deservedly feel very pleased with ourselves!

These days I adore inspirational home magazines like Elle Deco and Living etc, and my husband and I fight over the Vanity Fair when it arrives in the mail. I valiantly try new recipes from Delicious & Dish, and I worry that I'm mutton dressed as lamb when I see the Fashion Quarterly. There is much pleasure to be had from a new magazine, a good cup of coffee, and the time to read it! What are some of your favourite magazines?

PS. Thanks for all your comments last week. Now I know it's not just my father reading this! Pin It

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it's a tough job...

It's a tough job but someone's got to do it! This week I've been up to Trelise Cooper's showroom in Auckland to buy the delectable wee treats we'll have instore for next summer. Very difficult! Something akin to being a child in a sweet shop and being spoiled for choice.
Here's where we narrow it down somewhat. I think the sugar plum pink will be what all the best dressed flower girls might wear next summer!
And as I write, I have a very interested 9 year old peering over my shoulder (when she should be in bed asleep) telling me what she thinks she must have in her wardrobe from the selection above. It seems even little girls can dream about Trelise Cooper in their wardrobes apparently! Well - she'll be doing plenty of jobs about the house then, and going to bed when her Mummy asks her to.....

And as a wee treat for myself, after my store buying, I am allowed to choose 1 or 2 little treats for my own wardrobe!! I always did love dressups when I was little. Pin It

Sunday, March 1, 2009

it's sydney showtime!

I've just got back from a hectic week in Sydney where I was exhibiting our gorgeous Designers Guild accessories & stationery at a trade show. The Small Acorns team don't seem to believe me, but five days at a show where you are both selling and looking for a few new things for the store is hard work! Andrea & I did not have much time for play!! (Bill's for breakfast hardly counts as play!! But the coconut toast was as great as ever!) Our stand showcased all the fabulous Designers Guild new wallets and purses that will arrive in to our store, and those of our retailers later this year.
These beautiful clutch purses in Designers Guild Farnese silk were a magnet for almost everyone.
Trade shows are always a great opportunity to catch up with both other retailers and some of our fabulous suppliers. I also enjoyed meeting some lovely new clients, including Judy who writes the very popular design blog Lily-G. She is an inspiration to my amateurish blogging attempts, and has me convinced to keep going, and to put my doubts aside, and also to blog more regularly.
One of the joys of setting up the stand is searching for the flowers. I was on a mission for pink spiky dahlias this year. I just love these flowers and they seem to be so hard to get here in Wellington. Unfortunately, on our set up day they were elusive, but the next day at the market, these gorgeous blooms stole the show! If I could have brought them home on the plane I would have! Does anyone know where I can get gorgeous dahlia tubers here in NZ? I'd like to be prepared for next year!! Pin It
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