Wednesday, May 20, 2009

meet the family

I thought it was perhaps time to introduce my family. And what better way than with this gorgeous family portrait (and I'm allowed to be biased). It is the work of my five year old Eva May. She is the smiley one on the left of the picture. Millicent Amelia, age 9 is in the middle. I have the very beautiful and colourful dress on. This is obviously E-M's fantasy because mostly she sees me in various shades of black! Brunnel has on the groovy flares. It is very possible that he does in fact have something like these in his wardrobe. I only hope we don't get to see them too soon.
I've had the painting framed in a simple white box frame, and it takes pride of place in my office for now. I couldn't bear to send it off to be made in to some terrible calendar-thingy, with someone else's graphics laminated on top. Sorry I failed the school on that fund-raiser! Anyway it's worth more than a Monet to me. Pin It


  1. Nice website, nice blog, nice pictures. And I'm a bloke. Stumbled across you by accident and now you're bookmarked in my Favourites,

  2. What a lovely blog to come across accidentally. Thankyou x


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