Wednesday, December 10, 2008

christmas shenanigans

Last night our team celebrated what has been a big year for us all with a wonderful dinner at Floriditas Cafe & Restaurant in Cuba St. For those of you who know Floriditas, this fabulous Cole & Son wallpaper is instantly recognisable, as are the great old butcher tiles and light fittings. The joy of Floriditas is that it is open all day, and as well as serving delicious dinners at night, can be relied upon for a seriously good coffee and amazing baking. I have developed an addiction for the brioche, which I am seriously trying hard to curb (not very successfully I'm afraid!). So I thought you might like to see some of the folk that make up my wonderful team...
From left to right... Rachel, Becky, Andrea, Vanessa, Kate, Rachael, Amanda, Karen & Arlene.

I should apologise in advance for the rest of the photos. We're basically a shy bunch who don't like having our photos taken, and in the haste to delete some terrible shots of herself (Andrea!) the settings on the camera somehow produced these rather grainy shots!

It was very difficult to get a photo of Andrea. But, here she is, with Karen, our very talented interior designer.
Vanessa and Rachael, who forever think they are on fire, love Hamish & Andy, and are booking in a Gossip Girl marathon at my place!
Kate, who is our style queen and maker of the best cupcakes. (OK Vanessa, we'll check yours out on Friday!)

Becky, (she thinks we pronounce it Biccy) is our wee Aussie immigrant, and star of our website!

Andrea unmasked! The whole place would fall apart without her to keep us all together.
Arlene is just part of the furniture - 10 years and counting, and we've recently welcomed Rachel back from her OE in Ireland.
And I promised that if there was a photo of everyone else, it was only fair that there was one of me too!

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